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Pauline White-Nardella, FNP, MS, MPA, IBCLC

 “I entered Pauline’s childbirth class feeling eager to learn, naive, insecure, and guarded.... I left feeling enlightened, empowered, and fiercely confident and comfortable. This shift of energy most definitely transformed my journey and birthing experiences.” -Jeanne
About Birthing Wisdom™

Birthing Wisdom™ was founded by Pauline White-Nardella, FNP-BC, MS, MPA, IBCLC

Pauline is a board certified family nurse practitioner and lactation consultant.  She has been caring for and teaching families for over
25 years!

Her nursing career began in the field of pediatrics and maternal-child health. After leaving hospital nursing, she entered into the field of education and became a clinical nursing professor in maternal-child health, pediatrics and community/public health.  


Pauline is a dual certified childbirth educator and has been teaching Natural Childbirth classes since 1991 and HypnoBirthing®-The Mongan Method since 2001. Both of these childbirth education options offer an expectant family a complete, comprehensive childbirth and early parenting educational program.

Pauline also offers a comprehensive lactation consultation service through her Integrative Lactation & Family health business.

Her mantra is Knowledge is Power! Understanding the beauty of the human body, trusting it and working with your body to create a healthy baby and a safe birth is empowering for all women.

Pauline actively lectures, teaches and consults throughout the tri-state area at conferences, colleges, hospitals, health fairs and parenting centers. Please contact her at for a speaking engagement.

Recent Media Coverage
Birthing Wisdom's Pauline Nardella was featured on The Learning Channel's "A Baby Story: The Goldstein Baby."

Pauline Nardella hosted The Road to Motherhood at Babies R Us, a national tour throughout the nation that educates women and families about pregnancy, birth and newborn care.

Co-Authored and published a training manual entitled, Births Basics and presented a two-day workshop entitled, Births Basics at the annual North East HypnoBirthing Conference.

Presented multiple Parenting, Birthing & Breastfeeding topics at LaLeche League North East Conferences

Pauline White-Nardella RN, MPA an adjunct nursing instructor for Dominican College and owner of Birthing Wisdom™, a maternal-child health educational company, was recently interviewed by Patricia Stark from Craving Confidence. Craving Confidence is the place where experts from all walks of life share their confidence stories, secrets, and suggestions with you. Two video interviews of Pauline Nardella are presented including; Confident Birthing and Confident New Parenting. Go to: or view the videos below.

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