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Preconception and Early Pregnancy

The months before you become pregnant, as well as the first three months of your pregnancy are crucial periods for the health and welfare of your unborn baby and your body. So many women and their partners miss out on this time of opportunity to enhance their health and well being. Pre-pregnancy planning and early pregnancy creates many changes in our lives. These changes can be filled with much joy and anticipation, but they also can bring about much apprehension and fear for both partners. Situations such as fertility issues, financial considerations, choosing a healthcare practitioner, dietary changes, stress, changes to your body and the gambit of medical testing, all impact preconception and early pregnancy.

A FREE healthy pregnancy information packet is available through email. It discusses the key components to ensuring a healthy, low risk pregnancy. If you are planning a pregnancy or are six months pregnant or less, this packet will give you a tremendous amount of support and information. Profound physical and emotional changes occur during this time of your life. Laying the foundation for your baby's growth and development inside the womb for the next 37 to 42 weeks is empowering for both partners.

Information is also available on community resources such as prenatal yoga, prenatal massage, prenatal counseling, LaLeche League and other numerous supportive and educational websites.

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