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Childbirth Classes

Every woman births her child uniquely.

Pregnancy is an emotional, physical and spiritual journey. An expectant mother's thoughts and emotions, the physical changes she feels within her body and the spiritual awakening into motherhood can all impact on how she chooses to birth her baby. The birth of this baby will be a life transforming event. Through nurturing support and education, these life changing events can now be filled with joy and anticipation.

The childbirth classes offered by Birthing Wisdom™ are based on Pauline's extensive experience as a natural childbirth educator for over 17 years and her experience as a maternal child health nurse and nursing professor for over 20 years. These childbirth classes empower a couple to trust the innate wisdom of the body while unlocking the mystery within.

Expectant parents who receive childbirth education make informed decisions before, during and after the birth, which allows them to experience the birth of their baby as a joyous labor of life.

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