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"Hi, Pauline! TDS was born today, on his due date, 6lb 11oz at 9:58 AM. I am SO HAPPY to be able to say that I was given the positive, natural birth experience I always wanted.  We labored at home for the majority of the time, and I arrived to the hospital 7 cm dilated.  The birthing pool was amazing! I did the majority of my labor on the ball and in the tub as you suggested. I just cannot thank you enough for all the support you have provided our family.  You truly are a blessing to us. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you do."

-Angela & Chris

"My husband and I signed up for Pauline’s Natural Childbirth classes not really knowing what to expect.  I had a lot of friends who recommended Pauline’s classes but I honestly wasn’t sure I wanted to try to attempt a natural childbirth because I was afraid of pain and stories I heard from other moms.  Pauline’s classes reviewed the basics of labor and delivery, focusing on natural birth but also taught us about medical interventions when necessary.  Her classes and approach to labor was so positive, it made me think about my attitude toward birth.  I started to think about my birth plan and what I wanted (although knowing I had to be flexible).  She was so helpful in teaching us about doulas, relaxation techniques, and different positions for laboring- all which I used during labor.  The course gave me the confidence and education I needed to have a natural birth and a healthy baby, even after a very long labor process.  I never could have done it without her!  The childcare and breastfeeding classes were also extremely valuable and I learned so much those two weeks as well.

My son ended up having issues with breastfeeding so of course I called Pauline to help.  I called her ready to give up because I was so frustrated he wouldn’t latch and I was in physical pain from engorgement and my personal (cheap) breast pump.  Over the phone she gave me a plan of action until she could meet with me in person ASAP.  I gave it one last shot and followed her advice to rent a hospital pump until she could see me.  Thanks to that pump and her advice, I was able to prep my body for breastfeeding and my son successfully latched on with a nipple shield the next day.  Now we are successfully breastfeeding and I have Pauline to thank for that!"


"Hi Pauline!       

I HypnoBirthed my daughter into this world on June 3. My birth story is VERY different from my last. Perfect if I do say so. BUT, the nurses at the hospital did not believe me that I was I labor because I was showing very little signs of pain. They tried to send me home! I would love to share the whole story with you one of these days! By the time my midwife arrived, I had her out in 3 strong pushes!!! I miss you lots and think of you so often!             

P.S. I nursed my first through the whole pregnancy and very successfully tandem nursing!!! I couldn't have done it without you. Xoxo"


"Hi Pauline, Not sure if you remember me but you gave me a private baby care class in your home right before my twins were born. In fact, they came the next day!! I've always wanted to say "thank you!" The information was invaluable and really helped put me at ease!"

- Alicia

"Thank you again for all of your wisdom and patient coaching that led to 11.5 months of q3 hr pumping and nightly bedtime nursing, even with a very low supply... Hard work and would never do any differently... Thank you so very much!"


"Hi Pauline!  I just wanted to send a quick text to say THANK YOU!  Thank you for your support and your guidance. Emma just turned one last month and she is a healthy, independent little girl!  Thank you for helping me breastfeed.  I started the process not sure if I was going to last a month, then I was stopping after 2, then at 6 months…and a year later I am still going. Thank you!"


"Thank you for the info!  And thank you again for a wonderful HypnoBirthing® class!  We really enjoyed the class the past 7 weeks and feel much more knowledgeable and empowered to have the birth we want.  You taught us so much; you are a wealth of information!"


"I entered Pauline’s HypnoBirthing® class feeling eager to learn, naive, insecure, and guarded.... I left feeling enlightened, empowered, and fiercely confident and comfortable. This shift of energy most definitely transformed my journey and birthing experiences. Instead of being a fear-ridden, pain-centered, disempowering event, my births transformed into life changing/soul changing, empowering, self-defining experiences that now are core to my identity as a woman and mother. Pauline is a life changer that every woman deserves to treat herself to. Knowledge is power."


So sorry for such a delayed response, I am working on weaning her from breastfeeding as per the plan you have suggested, so far so good! You are truly an awesome specialist, nurse and a guide. I value you. 


Pauline, thanks for everything! We loved the class and are so happy we took it with you! :) HypnoBirthing® and all your other wisdom served us so well. :)  Every part of our birth experience was wonderful! Had baby Wednesday March 25 and we went home 24 hours later and everything is going well. 


I wanted to let you know that our baby girl was born on Monday May 4th. I went into labor the night of the full moon. We are in total heaven! The birthing experience was incredible and everything I had wanted. Thank you so much Pauline. I went in feeling completely confident and excited. We are just overjoyed! 


We got so much out of Pauline's childbirth class. It was extremely helpful in providing us with the information we needed to make the decisions that were right for us, and how we wanted to approach the birth of our baby girl. Pauline provided a great balance of empowering us with information, while reminding us to staying open and flexible to how everything plays out while we're in the 'moment' of giving birth!"
- Carin & Chris

"Pauline is a gift from God to new parents. The extent of her knowledge regarding pregnancy, childbirth and child rearing is astounding. My husband and I took the Natural Childbirth course, Infant Massage and the Child Safety- Infant CPR. With each course, we felt more and more prepared for the pending birth of our son Aidan. My husband, being European, doesn't trust Western medicine and I have no experience with Eastern medicine. Pauline was able to help us find a compromise with various subjects such as vaccinations and medicine for infants. Pauline is the most dedicated and genuine woman you will ever meet."
- Noelle & Werner

"Pauline was an amazing inspiration, knowledgeable , and good friend. She was available and open to answering any and all questions we had at any time. Her instructions about Natural Childbirth and Hypnobirthing® were clear and an invaluable asset to our birth experience. I would recommend her classes to anyone seeking a natural and holistic birth."
- Kathlen & Ravi

"We took the Natural Childbirth classes privately with Pauline. I wanted to try to birth my baby without medication but I also wanted to be open to the process and use medical intervention if it became necessary. The first time I talked to Pauline she said that the only way I'd feel like it didn't go right was if I felt out of control and that I hadn't made the decisions myself. Thanks to her class, I went into the birth prepared and open to the experience. 16 days after my due date, I ended up having to be induced which eventually led to a C-section. Skyler was born September 25, 2003 and weighed 9lbs and 1oz! Although I was disappointed that I had a c-section, the midwife, my husband and I did everything we could to get the baby out naturally. We feel we had a very positive experience because we knew what was happening throughout the process and were able to make our own informed decisions. The midwife commented that I took all the changes and surprises very well, and I could not have done that without Pauline's class and support. My husband really loved the class too. Although I tried to involve him throughout my pregnancy, he said he didn't really feel included until we began the childbirth classes. It was then that he began to understand what his role was and things he could do to help. We learned so much from Pauline and felt like she was our friend by the end! She even came over after the birth and brought us soup and made sure we were ok. It was a huge help! I was a little nervous at the beginning, especially since we were new to the area and didn't know many people - it was very comforting to know I could call Pauline with my birthing or baby questions, and now the baby is seven months old!"
- Hailey & Josh

"Pauline and her presentation of the Natural Childbirth class allowed us to go from neanderthal to near genius! It allowed Jennifer and I to grow with our baby by providing us with the power of knowledge. We came away from the class experiences with new friendships and the empowering belief that we own the experience of our pregnancy, labor, and aftercare. The birthing classes provided a varied education that embedded upon us the knowledge of choice to choose what truly is in the best interest of our child, throughout our pregnancy, labor, birthing, and more. We felt prepared to deal with it all. Of course there was many hurdles, but we really must credit Pauline and the Birthing classes, as we rallied through it all. Amazingly, many at the hospital marveled at our preparedness, our knowledge levels, and our ability to work through the labor (12 hours on pitocin without epidural...). Our advice is to stay positive and own the whole experience. It's sad that many fathers and mothers really don't know how wonderful the whole experience can be."
- Jack & Jennifer

"Pauline's instruction in the Natural Childbirth classes and HypnoBirthing® classes gave me the confidence, knowledge, and calm that helped make my dream of a natural childbirth a reality. My son was almost 10 lbs, yet he came into the world drug free and nursed within minutes. All of Pauline's tips and how-to's enabled my husband to be the best coach I could ever hope for in the delivery room. We felt totally prepared and informed when the big day came. My labor was 13 1/2 hours long and I would do it again in a heartbeat."
- Patti & Brian

"After just a little research, my partner and I knew that we wanted to take a Natural Childbirth class to help guide us through the birth of our son. We felt strongly about having a natural pregnancy, as well as a natural birth, and liked that Pauline's class focused on both. At first I was a bit nervous taking a class with someone my midwife didn't know, but after speaking with Pauline on the phone, I felt like we'd known each other for years; her infectious energy immediately put me at ease. Both on the phone and in the class, Pauline's excitement and knowledge about every aspect of pregnancy was comforting and informative. Despite our long work days, my partner and I both looked forward to our Thursday classes – they were a relaxing time to learn, share and focus on our baby in the company of other like-minded couples. As my due date approached (more than a month after finishing the class) I looked back over my notes and information from the course and realized that I while I was a bit nervous about giving birth and becoming a mom, I was also confident that we could handle whatever form my labor took because Pauline's class had given us such a solid foundation."
- Ted & Kami

"My husband and I can't thank you enough for being such a source of strength, comfort, and support during our pregnancy and birth journey. We have yet to encounter anyone who has been more valuable during our birth preparation, and we attribute much of our success with the HypnoBirthing® method to your exceptional teaching ability, and your passion for helping expectant parents through a miraculous but sometimes difficult and overwhelming time. We are in your debt and thank you for contributing to the birth of our beautiful, healthy daughter. You truly went above and beyond, and we are so happy we took your class."
- Bob & Stacy

"My husband and I wanted to birth our first child together. He wanted an active role, I wanted to birth without drugs, but most of all we wanted to be educated on all our options. The Natural Childbirth class addressed our first two concerns and Pauline was able to address the third. Pauline has such a warm and nurturing approach that it was easy to learn from her. Her experience and knowledge really gave us comfort when we had to make some tough decisions. I managed to endure 11 hours of hard labor with my first daughter using the Natural Childbirth techniques, so I didn't hesitate to take a refresher course with Pauline before the birth of my second daughter. As a result of a birthing position I learned in class I was able to push my 8 lb baby out after only 1/2 hour of pushing. A huge difference from my first birth! Even my OB was shocked when I asked to get into a squatting position. She later told me she had never had a patient ASK to birth in that position before. But it worked so well! We were so pleased with Pauline that I literally introduced her to every mom I know by inviting her to speak to my local MOMS Club. She is a gem!"
- Tanya & Matthew

"Several weeks before our son was born it became obvious that our path towards a natural childbirth would be altered. He presented breech, and the midwife informed us of our choices. The doctor could attempt an external version, which has its associated risks, or plan a C-section, which seemed in complete conflict with our desire for a natural childbirth. Attempting a natural childbirth would be risky too, and it was likely that a C-section would be required after who knows how many hours of labor. Of course we tried every natural method available for 'turning' the baby. Nothing worked. Our instincts told us that the external version would be too risky, so we opted for the C-section. It was a bit scary, but we kept telling ourselves that this was the healthiest way. I believe that our time spent with Pauline learning Natural Childbirth techniques helped us relax for this change of plans. As it turned out, the umbilical cord was wrapped around our son's neck three or four times, so our decision turned out to be the safest way to go. The C-section went smoothly, and we were blessed with a healthy son."
- Yvette & Jay

"We never thought we'd take a birthing class. We thought, we'll talk to our friends, read a ton of books, and basically wing it like they did "way back when." Well, once we spoke to someone who had taken the Natural Childbirth Class with Pauline Nardella, and it turned out that Dana was more enthusiastic about reading books than Tim was, we reconsidered taking a class. Pauline Nardella was a 30 minute drive from us but we made the commitment to be with the best. Her class was the best thing we ever did-for our relationship, for the preparation of birth, and for educational purposes. When labor came, Dana was visualizing, using the birthing ball, had the rice socks, took the hot shower, and done a million squats. Tim wasn't panicking because he knew what to expect. While we prepped rigorously for a natural birth, our healthy baby girl had other plans that day. We did all we could, as did our doctor but, hey, we weren't there to win a contest. We were there to start a healthy family. Although Dana ended up having a c-section, the 20 hours of labor were all about Natural Childbirth. We had it all and we were prepared. Till this day, 8 weeks post birth, we still talk about the class and how beneficial it was for us. We really learned all of the terms, what they meant, how they would affect the birth outcome and everything in between. Not to mention the fabulous teacher, and friend we made by taking our class from Pauline. We especially enjoyed the breastfeeding and swaddling class-boy were we ahead of the other new parents in the hospital-Tim was a champ swaddler. Education is empowering--all women and men should be properly informed pre-birth. We STRONGLY recommend taking the Natural Childbirth Class, and if you live in the Tri-State area, make sure you meet Pauline Nardella. She's practical, has a solid medical foundation and custom tailors her approach to the needs of each couple. As for our new family, we smile so much our faces hurt."
- Dana & Tim

"My husband Matt and I had such a great time in Pauline's Natural Childbirth Class. Each week we felt more and more prepared for our planned homebirth. In fact, when I went into labor during our last childbirth class (three weeks early!), Pauline calmed me, reassured me, and reminded my husband of some basic things that he needed to do. My labor came on quickly in the car ride home. I never experienced any early signs, and I had consistent back labor. It was so fast and so strong, but I remembered Pauline saying, 'If you think you are 7 centimeters, then believe that you are 7 centimeters.' Or in other words, believe that you are as far along in the process as you feel, trust your instincts. I believed...and gave birth to my daughter Bella just 2 1/2 hours later at home, the midwives making it just in time to catch the baby! I feel that because of Pauline's guidance and instruction, I was totally equipped to trust my body to the process of birth, to surrender to the experience and believe that I was created to 'do this.' It was an amazing and spiritually profound experience. When the birth was over, I walked calmly over to my bed, breastfed immediately and began the process of bonding with my child in the calm, quiet atmosphere that is typical of natural births. Every mom to be should be as informed as we were. It took the pressure off of us, and allowed us to let the birth be what it was going to be....without fear!"
- Reba & Matt

"My doctor said I was a great pusher and had great control--no tear or episiotomy! I want to thank you for the great review preparation. Even though I'd given birth twice before, the experience was enjoyable and I believe it's because I was so prepared, informed and relaxed. Thank you again!"
- Jennifer & Russell

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