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Childbirth Refresher and Sibling Preparation

Regardless of your previous childbirth method, this class offers a refreshingly new approach to experiencing your labor of life. The class includes a discussion of previous birth experiences and an exploration of past and present birthing fears. This class also supports the whole family through this life-changing event. Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC), Natural Childbirth Classes, HypnoBirthing®-The Mongan Method, or a general review of childbirth is offered.


When expecting another child, the whole family goes through a state of transition. A new baby in the house can bring about many mixed reactions from the older siblings. The review classes also offers families the resources needed to help prepare a child of any age for the upcoming birth of a sibling. Books, videos, art & craft projects are all utilized as teaching tools. Siblings who will be attending the birth are encouraged to attend the review class.

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